We have designed our doggie daycare to meet the socialization, exercise, and developmental needs of any dog. You no longer have to leave your dog at home locked in his crate or in the laundry room which can lead to destruction of your relaxing evening with you and your family. Monday through Saturday bring your dog to The Boarding House for an exciting day of fun and play.

Full Day Daycare (5 Hours or more) $35.00
Full Day Daycare (10 Day Pass) $310.00
Half Day Daycare (Less than 5 Hours) $23.00
Half Day Daycare (10 Day Pass) $210.00
Daycare (For Dogs while Boarding $16.00 per day
  • Dog must be Spayed or Neutered
  • Must be current with Rabies,Dhlpp & Bordetella.
  • Not possessive of food,toys or space
  • Able to share with others and play nicely with other dogs and people